For data projector rentals in Glasgow, multimedia & audio-visual projections, hiring equipment for projecting from computers or DVD players, LCD big video screen systems, SVGA & XGA beamers for hire, large display Powerpoint presentations, or equipment for screening movies & race nights then you are in the right place as GLASGOW PROJECTOR HIRE can provide you with the service & equipment you require at a competitive price. Please call us for a quote and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend appropriate equipment for the job if you are unsure of your technical requirements. Our in house experts have over fifteen of experience in the field of projection and are happy to help. Please call Karen or Scott on 0141 435 7110 for a consultation and no obligation quote.

We have a range of data projectors in Glasgow available for rentals suitable for audiences of up to 100 people (depending upon circumstances) in our hire stock, plus smaller units which are suitable for the smaller audience (up to around 30 people). If the audience which you will be showing to is larger than this, then we can access larger projections units, up to stadium / festival size units. It is worth noting that our hire stock of professional install grade projectors offers a greater light output (approxiamately twice the number of lumens) of projectors used at Glastonbury & The Royal Albert Hall only 10 years ago. Those behemoths required 3 men to lift them, plus a dedicated technician to install, and configure them, all of which was an expensive business as you may imagine. Our Phillips & Hitachi XGA data projectors can be lifted with one hand (by a small child!!) and they are simplicity itself to use, with the electronics operating in a plus and play capacity. Most problems these days are caused by incorrect configuration of a computer, most often the external VGA port has not been enabled.

Please note that in addition to data projector rentals, we offer a DATA PROJECTOR SALES SERVICE (through our Edinburgh office) which can deliver the best projectors (we test all models against our benchmark units to ensure that they stack up to the specification as often, the cheaper units do not deliver) at a competitive price, with a local emergency support service. We can quote on any data projector you require, contact us for details but if you'd like to view our current recommended models then please click HERE.

Please note that if you require DATA PROJECTOR RENTALS in ABERDEEN or EDINBURGH that we have offices there too. We are happy to deliver via courier to other Scottish cities - Please contact our Edinburgh office for details.

General Projector Blurb: Data projectors are also known as video projectors and can be used with almost any input source that could be plugged into a TV, eg. XBox, Sony Playstation or PS2, DVD player, VHS player, plus they can be plugged into a computers monitor port (hence the name data projector). Projectors can use various differenet methods to creat the image, the two most common being LCD, and DLP. LCD projectors shine light through LCD screens to cerate the image, DLP projectors use mirrors. Technically DLP offers better contrast but in our experience LCD data projectors are better for general use. Older models of projector (often still seen bolted to the ceiling in smoky public houses) use CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology, similar to that used by old-style televisions. You will see that they have three lenses, one for red, one for green and one for blue which must be specifically focused by a professional. These projectors are the behemoths referred to above in paragraph 2. We do not hire these units out and recommend their use as coffee tables or work benches.

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