DLP projectors - Technology explained. DLP is an acronym for DIGITAL LIGHT PROCESSING which is a technology developed by Texas Instruments for use in digital projectors. It has some competing technologies (LCD, LCOS & CRT) of which CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) can be considered pretty much obselete, and LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) is still under development although available. This leaves LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) as the main current competitor in the field of video / data projection.

ProjectorDLP projectors work by shining light through a DLP chip which consists of a grid of tiny mirrors, each mirror corresponding to a pixel, therefore an SVGA DLP projector will have a griod of 800 wide by 600 high mirrors. These mirrors can be manipulated electronically to either allow light to shine through or be deflected away internally for any given pixel. By flicking between on & off for any given frame a 50% brightness can be created for a given pixel. High end (and therefore expensive, ie. over £10,000) DLP projectors use three of these panels with separate Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light channels. Cheaper models use a colour wheel which can either have three (RGB) or 6 colours. The colour wheel is rotated in conjunction with a screen image faster than the eye can see which means that the three separate Red, Green & Blue imges are perceived (theoretically) by the eye as one full colour image. This in itself will be a little too quick for the eye to see but when repeated we get a faithful replication of the moving (or still) image input into the DLP projector. The first generation of DLP projectors had a colour wheel which rotated at 60Hz or 3600 revolutions per minute. Unfortunately some people do not see the complete image as intended and instead see separate red, green & blue components causing headaches, eyestrain and other side effects. This is known as the "rainbow effect". Next generation DLP projectors have 2x (or faster) colour wheel rotation as an attempt to reduce this effect, although for certain viewers it still remains a problem.

DLP projectors tend to be less light-efficient, give a less-sharp image and give a less colour saturated light image when compared to equivalent LCD projectors. DLP projectors do tend to have a greater contrast ratio than their LCD equivalents and due to the fact that cheaper models only use 1 x DLP chip as opposed to 3 x LCD panels they are slightly lighter and more compact. DLP projectors tend to used in home theater systems due to their improved contrast ratios. We have certainly found that for most applications (eg Powerpoint presentations, etc) LCD projectors are preferable. At this time we our hire stock consists of LCD units only, although we can supply DLP projectors by arrangement.

ScreenGLASGOW PROJECTOR HIRE specialise in the digital multimedia projector hire suitable for use in various applications such as Powerpoint presnstations running from a computer, notebook, PC or Mac, race nights, games nights, special showing of films, sport events and such like. We have a full range of accessories available for rental from our Glasgow (Clydebank) base and can deliver (by arrangement - a charge may be made depending upon distance & times). We have DVD & VHS players, screens, cameras, stands and cabling and we will be happy to advise you on any specific job if you are unsure of your requirements. Call us for a no obligation quotation. All our equipment is regularly replaced to ensure that it is in 1st class condition and we offer 100% support in the unlikely event of an equipment failure.

Please note that our range of projectors are not equipped with speakers suitable for public audio playback and that if your application requires audio then separate arrangements must be made. We will be happy to provide sound systems up to any size required provided prior arrangement is made. We do often find that customers have some suitable audio equipment already on site. eg. hi-fi, powered computer speakers, etc.

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